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MBA - For Civil Services Aspirants

The candidate must have a failover plan, a plan B to fall back on if they fail the UPSC exam after multiple attempts. This can be a business or a job, depending on the specialization and field of study. A backup plan does not show fear of failure, but rather the wisdom of being prepared for all the consequences. Therefore, it is advisable to have a backup plan.

Graduation Caps

Purpose of this Program 

To provide civil service aspirants with a worry-free preparation environment and to assist them in restarting their careers if they don't pass the examination.

Benefits of the Program

Opening Avenues for joining the International Corporates

ECTS Points- Could be used in international Immigration

Candidate Pool Creation for Corporates

Placement Assistance

UK CPD Accredited Course

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Join the webinar to know about the pricing, course structure and other details of the program

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