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A WES-recognized degree gets you ten steps closer to global careers

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Pursue an MBA from a Top 100 Global University at an affordable price.

Experience-Centric and Adaptable Learning Approach

Unlock Global Opportunities: Earn ECTS Points for Immigration and Enhanced Employment Prospects

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Key program takeaways:

Taking Notes


 Degree + Specialisation certification from WOOLF University and WDC

 Leadership School.


Webinar Benefits: Access all 10 benefits from the webinar.


Vast Network within the WDC Community

WDC Leadership School's Awards and Recognitions

World MSME Day Award
Ministry of MSME & WASME
Jagran Prakashan Limited
The Economic Times
Leadership award
International Business Pride Awards 2023
Amrit Kaal
global award
Global award certificate
Business award
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Suryanaryana Murthy
Rachit Patel
Manoj Bejawar
Nilesh Jha
Rajshekhar Sakhalkar
Kumaran Govindasamy
Deepak Sehgal
Alfons Madoc
Amalaraj Marian
David Naidu
Chandrasen Chahar
Yogesh Kumar

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